Using Relay Test Sets With Different Phases

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If you are interesting in renting a relay test set, you want to make sure you do your research and determine which relay tests will be best for your particular needs. 

A relay test set is basically electrical testing equipment that evaluates voltage, currents and frequencies. Understanding the difference between a single phase and a three phase relay test set can help you tremendously. 

A single phase test set sends out 100VA single-phase voltage and 180VA single-phase current. A three-phase, on the other hand, has three phase of currents with the first current being 540VA, the second current at 180VA and the third current with 360VA. Three phase relay tests can easily be used with other testing equipment. 

Megger test equipment includes both single and three phrase relay test sets. Megger has been a provider of electrical test equipment for over 100 years. They provide the most comprehensive and accurate testing solutions in the world along with state of the art software included with relay testers to ensure accurate results during testing. They also provide some of the highest amps available in the market today, and their models like the single phase relay test set eliminate the need for a computer because it is all-inclusive and performs efficiently.

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