Using Power Quality Analyzers to Visualize Power Quality Issues

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Power line distortion can cause equipment to draw too much power, affect their performance and damage other equipment. It is very important to measure the amount of distortion to help condition the power line.

If power quality is not corrected immediately,many equipment will get damaged. Some examples are transformers overheating due to increased eddy currents and motors erratically working because of imbalanced phases. To correct this problem, you need to condition the power line at the right amount. Power conditioning helps non-linear equipment to draw current like a purely resistive devices. This allows it to efficiently utilize the power drawn from the power line.

Power quality analyzers are the tools used in visualizing the extent of distortion in the power line. This information is used to help calculate the exact amount of power conditioning needed by the circuit. Too much condition can affect the power line so it is necessary to get the exact values. Dranetz power quality analyzers are the most common tools used in detecting power quality problems. These tools became popular among engineers because of the accuracy and the features it offers.

If you are worried about getting inaccurate results, you might want to consider renting equipment to double check if your results are correct. Renting equipment also allows lower operational costs.Contact Protec today to learn how we can maximize the efficiency of your electrical maintenance budget.