Using Megger Test Equipment such as the Cable Fault Locator

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Megger test equipment, often referred to as a “Megger” or megohmmeter, tests insulation conditions of wiring and cables. The Megger uses high voltage resistance (250v to 5000v) depending on your requirements. There are many uses for Megger testing equipment: home wiring, motor wires, spark plugs, appliances, etc. 

Megger also offers cable test equipment such as cable fault locators. Using a cable fault locator is not as complicated as it may sound. There are different types of cable fault locators based on your project need. Do you need to check wiring or cables around the house or commercial building for damaged or aging insulation? Are regular checkups needed on underground cables around your company or workplace? 

Underground cables have many breakage risks. Weather conditions like extreme heat, chemical corrosives, excessive cold and ground moisture as well as digging in the area are dangers to underground cables and wiring. Check out the Megger modular cable fault locator for a more advanced testing method. 

Cable test equipment is available in various models: hand held, RF, fiber optics testers even an all-in-one, which is a cable locator, tone generator and probe set. You will be able to find just the equipment you need for your particular cable test type at Protec Equipment Resources.

We provide daily, weekly and monthly rental programs of all the test equipment you need to perform proper testing on your electrical equipment. Give our 24 hour support line a call at 1.866.352.5550 to learn more or become a Protec Insider for special rental deals and to keep current with the latest in testing equipment.