Using Megger Test Equipment in Insulation Oil Diagnostics

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It is important to test the insulating oil of power transformers after a while to prevent problems. The oil can have a lot of dissolved impurities which can cause serious electrical hazard and shorten the life of the transformer. 

Impurities can increase the conductivity of the oil and reduce its efficiency in isolating the conductors. When this happens, the windings can short out or overheat. The common tool used in testing the efficiency of insulation oils is a Megger insulation oil tester. To conduct a test, a very high test voltage is applied to the oil and slowly increased until it reaches its breakdown voltage. This test helps determine if it is necessary to change the insulating oil in the transformer. Testing regularly also helps prolong the operating life of the transformer and saves you money on repairs or equipment replacement. Many technicians prefer Megger test equipment because of its several years of expertise in electrical diagnostics. They are assured that when they use a Megger, it will be reliable and the results will be accurate.

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