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Using Low Resistance Ohmmeters

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Ohmmeters measure electrical resistance, which is the opposite of electric current. Low resistance is measured with micro-ohmmeters. The unit of measure for resistance is ohms – thus the name ohmmeter.

You can use the low resistance ohmmeter to test your appliances, switches, heating elements, as well as open or closed circuitry. The circuitry must be totally dead to get an accurate reading. Always unplug or disconnect any devices or wiring being checked. Never check the resistance of “live” wiring, appliances or circuitry and make sure to follow the directions for the safety of the equipment and yourself.

The digital version of low resistance ohmmeters by Megger known by the name DLRO could be all you need for any electrical testing you are performing. The DLRO 10HD has high or low output power selector, and it is portable with battery power or directly plugged into power outlet or source. The unit has five test modes and comes with a waterproof, shock-resistant case for easy mobility. Visit our equipment rental page to see more about the features of the Megger DLRO.

Megger meters come in a variety of models to use for troubleshooting various electrical problems. There are meters to tell you where to locate bad insulation, wiring breaks, high or low voltage in addition to when switches are not working properly. We have the Megger model you need for your testing projects available for daily, weekly or long term rental. Just give us a call to learn more at 866.352.5550 or become a Protec Insider for valuable subscriber alerts.