Using a Low Resistance Ohmmeter for Spotting Bad Conductors

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Electrical components may fail after a while of operation because they are subjected to electrical and thermal stress. It is a good idea to check their condition to prevent problems. It is better to catch faults when they are just about to start than repairing a severely damaged system.

Low resistance measurement allows a technician to determine the condition of conductors. The conductive part of electrical components are designed to have minimal resistance. Problems like corrosion, mechanical weakness and contaminants increase the resistance of conductors. This results to localized heating which may contribute to further deterioration of the electrical component.

The tool used for this test is a digital low resistance Ohmmeter. It has a Kelvin Bridge input that helps eliminate the test and lead resistance to ensure accuracy. It outputs a very high current and measures the voltage drop across the test sample. The DLRO then computes the internal resistance using Ohm’s Law.

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