Using A DLRO To Detect Faults in Welded or Bonded Metals

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The best way to measure the degradation of two welded metals is to be able to maximize the use of a digital low resistance ohm meters. The concept of these handy tools is for operators to determine the resistance of these metals. In effect, operators are able to spot the discrepancies so that corrective measures can be done in order to fix the problems that may persist.

DLRO works through the use of current, which is passed through these metals. Because of this, it is important to be able to get test samples so that measurements can be done. Calculations are done through the use of Ohm’s law in order to measure the amount of resistance present between metals. Examples of metals that are bonded together are squirrel cage bars, rails, circuit breaker contacts, and ground bonds. Unfortunately, the degradation and damages on these metals are hard to detect and only come out when it is too late to repair them. This is the reason why it is very important to use proper DLROs to help find the changes in the metals for people to repair or replace specific pieces to prevent future breakdowns.

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