Using a DLRO in Spotting Bad Metal Parts in Vintage Cars

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Most vintage car owners collect cars as a hobby. They usually work on their cars during weekends trying to restore the vehicle to its original beauty. When restoring cars it is important to ensure the safety of the vehicle. You should repair weakened welded spots and remove corrosion that might cause accidents during driving.

If you want to spot bad weld joints in the vehicle’s body, you might want to consider a digital low resistance Ohmmeter. This tool is usually used in finding bad spots, weakened joints or metal parts. It detects bad parts by measuring the resistance of the point and comparing it to the resistance constant of the metal. Weakened spots will have a high resistance to current due to gaps or corrosion in between the joint. You should consider investing in a DLRO especially if you do a lot of metal work on your vehicle. This can spot defects that are not normally visible during visual inspections. Spotting mechanically weak joints can help prevent accidents that might harm you while driving.

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