Using a Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeter for Spotting Terminal Connection Problems

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Internal problems on terminal connections may not show any symptoms. This can be a problem because internal problems are like a ticking time bomb. If problems are undetected, they can cause serious problems in the electrical system. This is the importance of regular preventive maintenance. Problems that are just starting can be detected and reconditioned.

To detect internal problems in terminals, the common tool used is a DLRO or digital low resistance Ohmmeter. This device helps detect faults by measuring the resistance of the connection. Any contamination or corrosion increases the resistance of the conductor. The increased resistance affects the efficiency of the terminals in carrying power. This causes localized heating and can eventually break down the terminals. This tester is not like your typical Ohmmeter. It measures resistance by applying a high current usually around 10 amperes across the test sample. Then the voltage drop between the conductor is measured and Ohm’s law is used to compute the resistance.

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