Use the UltraTev Plus+ for Partial Discharge Detection

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When a spark from an electrical discharge makes a bridge between insulation’s electrodes, you have a partial discharge. This event can happen anywhere within the insulation system and basically creates a scenario where the strength of the electrical field is greater than the insulation material. 

The presence of partial discharge, therefore, demonstrates that apparatus could be in the middle of potential deterioration, damage and possible failure. A PD detector is instrumental in helping to determine whether electrical equipment is displaying any sort of discharge.  The EA Technology Instruments UltraTev Plus+ assesses and compares a substation’s condition so that critical electrical test equipment information about partial discharge activity can be discovered. 

The handheld UltraTEV unit offers lightweight portability with a color LCD that offers easy to see readings. Test results can be compared between systems or used as a benchmark of subsequent tests over a period of time. With the added headset socket, users can directly hear any audible activity being detected and compare to visual survey of equipment.

This vital testing component will correctly identify faults so that safety standards are met on the work site, and the ease of operation requires little training for users to operate efficiently and effectively. To rent test equipment such as the PD detector, cable fault locator or Megger tests,contact us via our Protec Insider link or by phone to learn more about our rental and purchase programs.