Use Megger Meter to Check Resistance and Shorts in Electrical Devices

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If you want to test your electrical devices, you should get acquainted with Megger meter. It is a device to test insulation resistance of electrical instruments. In fact, Megger testing is typically non-destructive in nature. Tester uses DC voltage on insulation to see if it has been damaged, as it will short the circuit when regular power is directed towards it. Checking of insulation is important, because it keeps the working of electrical test equipment safe and protected.

You must use the right voltage so that it does not damage the equipment that is being tested. For example, running voltages up to 240V should use 300V range. Similarly, running voltages above 600V should use 1000V range. This device also helps to check leakage in cabling or other faults.

The name of the device is derived from the word Megohmmeter, which is a device that measures very high resistances, normally up to 500 Megohms (1 Megohm= 1 million ohms). Hence these units have to be used appropriately as they apply voltage that can harm the instrument being tested. Too high power can definitely destroy the equipment by exceeding the insulation mark of the wire or device. The new Megger PAM400 phase angle meter helps users evaluate phase angle rapidly and effortlessly in various electrical applications. If you don’t want to spend money on buying it, you can try getting Megger rental.