Use Megger DLRO-10 for Accurate Resistance Measurement

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Digital Low Resistance Ohmmeters or DLRO are used for several applications like on railways, airplanes and resistance of electrical components. They’re useful in measuring the resistance of thick conductors, contact points and welded joints. One of the widely used meters for low resistance measurement is from Megger.

Megger test equipment has become the standard in low resistance measurement and other power applications. One of the equipment they have is the Megger DLRO–10. It is a digital low resistance ohmmeter that can measure resistance on conductors on one direction or both directions. It has a backlit LCD for easier viewing and several modes for measuring resistance. The mode or resistance range can be adjusted through its selector switch knobs. It also has a noise indicator to warn you of interference present on the test conductor. Electrical noise can alter your resistance reading that’s why it’s important to make sure it is free of any interference. This ohmmeter also has a high input protection up to 600 volts. Any accidental connection to the power line will not cause the main fuse to blow up.

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