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Use Megger Battery Ground-Fault Locator on Any Type of Battery System

Megger-BGLThe Megger Battery Ground-Fault Locator allows tracking and locating of ground faults on live or dead battery systems. Its locating ability is only limited by the accessibility of the battery cable.

The instrument can make measurements in the presence of dc current (up to 20 amperes) and ac ripple (charging current up to 0.5 ampere).

The Megger Battery Ground-Fault Locator is useful for locating grounds on any type of battery system, including those in refineries, mines and utilities as well as UPS and continuous process systems.

The Megger BGL operates on battery systems that are either floating or grounded through a resistor. Operators can determine both the direction and magnitude of faults, allowing them to ignore high-impedance faults and concentrate on serious faults.

Designed to work on battery systems up to 260 volts dc, the Megger BGL even operates in the presence of surge-suppression capacitors, effectively ignoring them. It is only sensitive to the power dissipated in the grounding resistance, hence the resistive paths to ground.

An additional feature of the Megger BGL is its ability to measure battery system total capacitance to ground, or the capacitors of any branch of the system. This allows the operator to determine the maximum practical fault-resistance range and provides the user with information on the battery system.

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