Use Doble Testing Software with Doble Equipment

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No matter what type of Doble M series equipment you use for your electrical testing and measurement diagnostics, most are designed to work with the Doble Test Assistant software.  This comprehensive powerhouse of software provides all the means needed to successfully collect, analyze and manage testing results for the M-Series instruments.

The software also allows for accessing the database remotely to ease management of assets and the backup process. The onboard knowledge based that Doble testing calls FRANK (for First Response Analytics Knowledge Base) assists users in test results analysis all while making suggestions and explaining results.

The benefits of DTA6 software include:

  • Use on all automated Doble relay test equipment in the M Series.
  • Advanced software utilizing artificial intelligence programmed with over 100 years of Doble knowledge and 1 million high voltage tests.
  • Includes testing plans for 24 different types of high voltage equipment.
  • Provides pictures to simplify test setup and lead connections.
  • Creates library of test results for easy data management.
  • Cloud data capability for easy retrieval and results storage.
  • Analyzes tip up plots for rotating machines, excitation plotting for transformers, current plotting and test plans for capacitors.

Our Doble equipment rental program offers short and long term rental with laptops already preconfigured with this valuable software at no additional cost. Give our support specialists a call to learn more about quick delivery of test equipment for your project today (972) 352-5550.