Understanding the Uses of MicroOhmmeters

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A microOhmmeter has several applications in different industries. This tool is used to measure very low resistances found in bonded metals. Poor metal contact in welded joints causes an increase in junction resistance. The change in resistance is used to determine if a joint is going bad and needs to be repaired. Here are some articles you can read to help you understand the common applications of microOhmmeters.

Reduce Wasted Power in Your Electrical System by Fixing Bad Connections talks about using a MicroOhmmeter to find defective connections that reduce power delivery efficiency.

Using a DLRO in Spotting Bad Metal Parts in Vintage Cars
 discusses how you can reduce the risk of danger in vintage vehicles by finding bad welded parts.

Prevent Accidents Caused by Weakened Metal Structures with a DLRO is about reducing the safety risks in metal structures.

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