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Understanding the Importance of Transformer Diagnostics

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Many still do not regularly test their transformers thinking that symptoms will appear if there’s something wrong with it. This is not a good idea because transformers often have minor compensatory mechanisms that try to correct problems. However, it doesn’t mean that when symptoms are starting, the defects are minor. The transformer might already be severely damaged and may fail any time soon.

Regular transformer diagnostics is very important because it allows technicians to find faults that are only detected by electrical test equipment. This lets them recondition the transformer before the fault becomes to difficult to manage. This is significantly cheaper compared to repairing a severely damaged transformer. 

Here are some articles that discusses methods of finding transformer faults. This lets you understand the process and importance of the tests.

Assessing Transformer Winding Deformation
 discusses how a leakage reactance module detects winding deformation caused by vibration and electrical stress.

Oil Dielectric Testing talks about the importance of testing insulation oils to prevent partial shorts and shortened operating life.

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