Understanding the Benefits of Renting Test Equipment

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To keep costs on electrical preventive maintenance low, a lot of business owners consider equipment rental. With this service, you can carry out diagnostic tests in your electrical system without paying for the full price of the testers. Instead, you only pay a small rental fee for the days you used the equipment.

There’s no need to worry about renting tools thinking that you’ll get overused and inaccurate tools. Once you rent electrical test equipment, it is first inspected, cleaned, calibrated and tested before shipping it to you. It’s like getting new tools out of the factory for a substantial amount less than new tools. 

Test equipment rental is also suitable for those who had an electrical emergency that needs to be corrected immediately. You have the option to have the equipment shipped the same day. You can rent equipment for short-term, long-term or lease depending on your needs.

Protec Equipment Resources is ready to provide you with high quality test equipment to cater to your needs. We have a collection of low voltage and high voltage diagnostic equipment from popular brands like GE, ABB, Vanguard, Dranetz and more. Contact a Protec agent today for a rental quote.