Understanding Cable Fault Testers

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Cable testing is important to keep your equipment in good working condition for a long time. If there are hidden problems in your cable system that are not repaired immediately, equipment performance will be greatly affected. This may lead to other problems in your work flow and business processes.

There are several types of tests you can conduct to check the condition of cables. Time Domain Reflectometry can locate the exact distance of faults. In this test, reflected waveforms are observed to determine the condition of electrical lines. Another test you can conduct on cables is the Hipot test. This helps determine whether or not a cable is safe to use. If the insulation of a cable doesn’t get damaged from an over-application of a pre-determined voltage, the cable is in good condition.  

The following articles can help you better understand cable tests, profiles and equipment you can use.

Cable Fault Profiles and Troubleshooting pt.1 explains in detail the Time Domain Reflectometry test. With graphic representations, it will be easier for you to understand this test.

Complete Underground Cable Fault Troubleshooting with the Fault Wizard is a product review of a cable fault locator you can use for detecting faults on your cable system.

For cable test equipment, contact Protec Equipment Resources and we’ll help you determine the best device you can use for specific tests.