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UEI EM201SPKIT Static Pressure Test Kit Offered for Rent from Protec

UEI EM201SPKIT Static Pressure Manometer KitThe UEI EM201SPKIT Static Pressure Manometer Kit includes everything you need for taking differential pressure measurements up to 60” water gauge, packed in sturdy soft carrying case.

The UEI EM201SPKIT includes pressure tubing with three sets of 2 connector options including static pressure probes, “T” fittings, and Brass valve adapters. The UEI Static Pressure Test Kit can also measure gas pressure and test for draft in the combustion flue. The UEI will accurately and reliably perform all needed pressure testing. 


UEI EM201SPKIT Static Pressure Manometer Kit features:

  • Pressured Measurement up to 60” water gauge
  • Sturdy metal fittings are ruggedized
  • Magnet is built-in to rubber boot
  • Measurements in ln Wg, mBar and Psi
  • Min/Max, data hold, and auto power off
  • Large Backlit display
  • Three year limited warranty

UEI EM201SPKIT Static Pressure Manometer Kit includes:

  • Dual Input Electronic Manometer (EM201)
  • Magnetic Probe Tips 2 (ASP1)
  • Pressure Tubes with Brass Fitting 2(BF100)
  • Battery (9V)

With offices in Texas, Illinois, New Jersey, Nevada and Georgia, Protec offers a full stocks of electrical test and measurement equipment, with rental options that work for you.


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