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UE Systems UWC-15 Parabolic Dish Added to the Protec Rental Inventory

UE Systems UWC-15 Ultrasonic Wave Form Concentrator (Parabolic Dish)When it is not possible to get close to the test equipment, such as for safety reasons or while inspecting over-head power lines, it is necessary to use a parabolic microphone.

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Used with the UE Systems Ultraprobe 15,000 Touch, the UE Systems UWC-15 Ultrasonic Wave Form Concentrator (Parabolic Dish) is a highly sensitive, directional sensor capable of doubling the detection distance of a standard scanning module and provides pinpoint accuracy. 

The UWC-15 Ultrasonic Wave Form Concentrator utilizes seven transducers to provide pinpoint accuracy with a 5° reception field. Detection Range: 34 bar (5 psi) through 0.127 mm (0.008”) orifice at distance of 30.48 m (100 ft).

This unit must be used in combination with the UE Systems Ultraprobe 15,000 Touch

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