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Types of Cable Faults that Require Testing

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When it comes to finding the right cable fault locator, understanding the various types of cable faults you may encounter will help you select which piece of equipment and procedure is better suited to the task. 

Fault Conductor
This procedure measures the connection between conductors. Low resistivity of a fault is in the zero ohm range where as high resistivity is found with higher M ohms.

Fault Conductor Shield
Cable fault location of shield faults performs measurement of the conductor connection with the shield. This is the most common fault and the range for insulation resistance is determined by the low to high resistivity ranges.

Flashing Fault
Flashing faults are extremely high resistance. Because of charged cabling, flashover can occur and techs may often find these in the joints. Resistance of insulation on this type of cable fault can be infinite all the way to the voltage break down.

Serial Fault
Serial faults are commonly found as a combination between insulation resistance in the serial and parallel. This fault is sometimes caused by a cable being completely cut or pulled from the joint so that the entire flow is interrupted. 

Earth & Sheath Faults
Earth and sheath faults occur somewhere between the soil and metallic shield in cables that are insulated by plastic whereas conductor and soil faults are found on the LV and plastic insulation. Care must be taken when high voltage is used because of ground discharging so that increased safety risk is possible.

Humid & Wet Faults

Cable test equipment for faults caused by moisture or water finds changes to impedance and resistance. In some cases depending on how the cable is sealed, faults may be throughout the cable or just in spots. Faults made by humid or underwater conditions can often be the most difficult to isolate.

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