Types of Battery Testing Equipment

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Here at Protec there are three basic types of battery testing equipment available for test equipment rental: impedance meters, load units, and hydrometers.

Impedance Meters
The battery impedance test set meters pass AC current through batteries to measure for internal impedance that is not acceptable for optimum performance. Megger’s Bite 2P impedance set is a meter/printer combo that returns immediate readings on NiCad cells as well as the more common lead-acid up to 7000 AH. Another model, the Megger BITE3, is utilized for lead-acid cells up to 2000AH and gives returns on a diverse set of battery health parameters including cell voltage, float current, ripple current and inter-cell resistance. The SBS IBEX-1000P is a handheld battery impedance test set coupled with a SBS thermal printer for instantaneous reports. AH for the IBEX-1000P ranges from a high of 6000AH to a low of 10AH.

Load Units
Batteries should also be checked for capacity. Megger’s Torkel 860 load unit can tell you exactly how much charge your battery can hold. A single Torkel is discharge rated at A 110 and can be linked to additional units for increased discharge rates. 

Hydrometers are one of the most well-known of the different types of battery testing equipment. Our SBS 2002 Hydrometer determines electrolytic specific gravity within seconds for quick and accurate battery monitoring.

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