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Try the Megger Delta 3000 Power Factor Test Set from Protec

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Bad insulation on cables can cause your electric bill to rise. This is because conductive contaminants become added load to your electrical system thereby increasing power loss. You need to test the insulation of your cables regularly to maximize power efficiency. A Power factor test set is an insulation tester that detects flaws or degradation on insulators.

Moisture or contaminants can form a conductive layer in insulators which adds up to the current drawn from the system. It can also cause arcing and eventually short out the whole system. This will damage your electrical system and other equipment attached to it. 

A test set widely used to detect insulation problems is the Megger Delta 3000. It is a power factor test set used in testing insulation on high voltage cables and other equipment. This equipment can measure power factor, power loss, resistive current, capacitive current, dissipation factor, voltage and current. It also has the capability to measure excitation current in transformer windings. Delta 3000 has a built-in system that suppresses interference to ensure that measurements are accurate.

If you are interested and want to try this insulation test set, you can rent one from ProtecEquipment Resources. We offer high voltage test equipment from Megger and other notable manufacturers. Call us for a quote on test equipment rental.