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Try Cutler Hammer for Secondary Injection Test Kit

Eaton Cutler Hammer 7801C57For checking circuit breaker and protective relay systems, the secondary injection test set is an essential piece of electrical test equipment for companies to use. It differs from the standard primary injection testing method in that it does not require high current to be passed through the primary current path, but rather tests the breaker as a result of low level signals sent directly to the solid state trip device that controls the operation of the breaker.

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Because trip units serve a critical role in electrical systems, companies must actively test them to prevent electrical faults from causing equipment failure or accidents. Secondary injection tests pinpoint defects in the trip unit and its interface to the associated circuit breaker, ensuring that systems are functioning normally.

The Eaton Cutler Hammer 7801C57 OPTIMizer Programmer / Trip Test comes with everything you need for accurate and reliable testing. Their patented OPTIM trip unit system allows for easy plug-in right in front of trip units and is powered by a single 9 volt battery. The large display provides custom configuration so that users can change the time-current set points, protective option and level of alarm. Results display with phase & ground as well as trip or no trip data. The supplied Ethernet cable allows for download to a computer so that users may perform further data analysis. This test set is hand held so the unit allows for quick portability for jobs in or out of the field or lab.

The secondary injection testing set for Seltronic and Digitrip 310 trip units is the Eaton Cutler Hammer 1232C50G10 Secondary Injection Test Kit.  While the available system for Seltronic and Series C circuit breaker testing is the Eaton Cutler Hammer 1232C50G05 Secondary Injection Test Kit. Our magnum trip unit testing kit is the Eaton Cutler Hammer MTK1000 Magnum Trip Unit Test Kit. An additional auxiliary power supply module is also available for the Cutler Hammer Digitrip Trip Units.

Cutler Hammer is no stranger to the electrical equipment industry. Getting its start in 1893 with electric starters and regulators, the company was the first to patent the automatic motorized starter in 1900. This background eventually led to the creation of what we know today as the motor control industry. In the 1930s, the company also patented 28 different uses for current control vacuum tubes. Today, Cutler Hammer is part of Eaton Corporation and brings an entire line of switching and power control devices to the general public and electrical trade.

Protec offers these Cutler Hammer sets along with a complete line of secondary injection testers from ABB, GE, Merlin Gerin, Satin American Siemens, Square D and Westinghouse. Find out more about our available testing and measurement equipment by visiting our online catalog or giving our support specialists a call at (972) 352-5550.

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Eaton Cutler Hammer 70C1056 Functional Test Kit

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published July, 2012 and has been updated freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.


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