Trusted and Reliable Fiber Optic Cable Diagnostic Equipment

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Fiber optic cables can carry a high amount of data compared to ordinary coaxial or twisted copper cables.They are safer because they only carry light pulses instead of electricity. Fiber optic cables are also more tolerant to weathering. After a while of operation, the fibers may lose their optical clarity. This reduces the efficiency of transmitted light pulses and results in data corruption of the data stream.

Regular testing of optical fibers is important to ensure continuous service. Here is some of the popular test equipment used in fiber optic cable maintenance.

Fluke Fiber Optic Meter

Instead of buying a whole new meter, this tester can convert your ordinary digital multimeter to a fiber optic meter. The Fluke FOM attaches to a DMM which lets you measure optic fiber losses.

Fluke DTX-10GKIT 

This test set contains various modules that lets you measure Alien Crosstalk between optic fibers. Crosstalk can causes serious degradation of the bit stream and cause communication problems. This tester ensures that the optic fiber bundle is in good working condition.

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