Troubleshoot Ventilation Problems Faster with the Fluke 922 Airflow Meter

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Ventilation issues are one of the common causes of equipment failure in substations or industrial facilities. There are times that there is a pressure drop in places where adequate ventilation is needed. This can be caused by other components or accumulated dirt blocking ventilation ports. Diagnosing ventilation problems can be made easy with an airflow meter.

Airflow meters are essential tools for HVAC technicians in diagnosing ventilation problems. If you are thinking of investing in one, you might be interested in the 922 Airflow Meter from Fluke PowerDiagnostics. This meter can make diagnostics easier because it can measure airflow, pressure and velocity. You do not need separate test equipment for these functions. You can set the size and duct shape for airflow measurement accuracy. It has a clear LCD screen that is easy to read in poorly-lit or even bright environments. It also features a power saving mode that automatically shuts off the meter when not in use. Its great features and durable construction makes it a good addition to you electrical test equipment.

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