Troubleshoot Power Equipment with Dranetz PX5

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Power quality surveys are essential for troubleshooting and effectively correcting negative trends or establishing a reliable maintenance program for power systems. The Dranetz PX5 Power Xplorer is specially designed to analyze and measure low, medium and high frequencies of transients through sampling and detection of unbalanced systems.

Identifying imbalances usually involves analyzing power data for durations at least for a week or longer so that baseline conditions can be determined. Improving the quality of power and reliability of equipment is directly related to the event characterizer that comes built into the unit to gather data from the initial survey and apply trouble shooting solutions for power issues.

With customizable testing displays, users can include data sampling of their choice to identify harmful trends and faults (with or without use of a cable fault locator) that will provide reporting and classification of events. Additional analysis is provided through its unique feature to download data for analysis and reporting through its Dran-View software.

The ability to quickly gather data so problems can be located and repaired is essential to smooth functioning of power equipment. The Dranetz Power Xplorer PX5 offers fast, digitized transient capture as well as full evaluation of distortions so that balance loads can be restored as needed.

You can save on the hidden operation costs associated with owning and maintaining power testing equipment to save funds for your business by renting the Dranetz from Protec Equipment Resources. Our friendly representatives are available by phone to assist you with all your equipment needs. Give us a call today.