Transformer Winding Relationship Diagnostics with Doble Testing Equipment

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In the past, testing a transformer’s internal components can take a a lot of labor and time. It would take a team of technicians and other equipment to untank the transformer. However, with the advancement of electrical diagnostics, it is now possible to test the internal condition of the transformer without untanking. This is done through Sweep Frequency Response Analysis.

This test injects a signal to the windings of the transformer. Then the RLC characteristics of the windings, terminals, connectors and other electrical components resonates and emits a distinct band of frequency. If there are any changes in the physical arrangement and condition of the transformer components, the emitted frequency will also change.

The Doble M5400 is an ideal tool for transformer diagnostics. This tester can help speed up troubleshooting and preventive maintenance. It can detect mechanical failure or movement of the windings. This Doble test set is easy to set up and has a frequency response from 10 Hertz up to 25 Mega Hertz. You can easily analyze the winding relationship in a transformer with less time and effort.

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