Training for Fluke Power Quality Analyzers and More

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Proper training is an important part of using any type of electrical test and measurement equipment. Worker safety is of paramount importance, and without proper instruction, even equipment failure is possible through incorrect operational procedures.

Take power quality analyzers like the Fluke 1750 for instance, this vital instrument simplifies detection and analysis of power disturbances, and while Fluke equipment is easy to operate, this manufacturer offers special seminars called Fluke Power Quality Hand-On Training.

These valuable classes help users learn detection techniques so that power quality issues may be prevented to avoid expense down time all while improving power quality and minimizing equipment failure. The 4 hour course is available in cities all over the United States and is absolutely free!  Simply visit the Fluke website to register for these complimentary classes.

If travel isn’t possible for you or your company employees, the manufacturer also makes seminars available online. These training classes last 30 to 60 minutes and provide training on how to use specific Fluke instruments and software as well as highlighting special advanced equipment features. The online classes update frequently so check back often, and they can be used as part of your employee safety and training program as well.

When you just need a quick refresher to operate one of the Fluke tools, you may also visit their site for demo videos.

Protec Equipment Resources is committed to providing superior quality equipment along with the training and understanding to use it safely. To learn more about our short and long term rental program for Fluke and other fine manufacturers, visit our online catalog or give us a call at (972) 352-5550.