Trace, Spot Broken and Shorted Cables Easily with the Amprobe AT-2005 Circuit Tracer

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Cables inside walls or buried underground can be difficult to trace. Relying on the schematic of the wiring may help but it may not give you enough information about the exact location of the cable. To make troubleshooting easier, you might want to check out the Amprobe AT-2005 Circuit Tracer. This tester allows you to trace cables hidden or buried up to 13 feet deep.

This tracer and cable fault locator has the capability to trace energized, unenergized and spot open/shorted cables. It can also locate circuit breakers, earth and neutral lines. It injects the tracing signal into the cable using a clamp so there is no need to interrupt the power line during testing. The tracer is safe to use because it won’t affect the operation of sensitive equipment. With this tool, cable tracing, pinpointing open cables and short circuits are now easier. With its great features, you might want to consider adding this tool to your cable testing equipment.

Keeping your cables in good working condition is important. Protec Equipment Resources has various cable testers available for rent. You can reach us at 1-866-352-5550 for a quote and additional details on rental plans.