Trace Cable Paths and Determine the Depth of Underground Cables with the Amprobe AT-2000 Wire Tracer

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When underground cables become faulty, troubleshooting may be difficult. Exploratory digging is necessary to trace the cable path. This puts cables at risk of damage because you may chaff or damage the insulation of cables with the shovel during digging. If you want to trace cable paths and determine the depth accurately, consider getting an underground cable tracer.

One of the most reliable testers today is the Amprobe AT-2000 Wire Tracer. It has the ability to trace live or unenergized cables buried or behind walls up to 13 feet deep. This device lets you conduct tests without interrupting the power in the electrical system.


  • Can pinpoint shorts, broken wires and ground faults
  • Can locate ground/neutral lines and breakers
  • Doesn’t cause interference to nearby sensitive electronic devices
  • Comes with the following:

o   Receiver

o   User manual

o   Load signal generator

o   CT clamp

o   Banana to banana leads

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