Tough Dependability with Fluke Digital Multimeter

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With the fast moving pace of technological advancement, electrical apparatus are increasingly depended on to keep complex systems performing optimally. The dependence on electronic communication makes the job of electric technicians a busy one. Diagnostic battery testing equipment as well as cable test equipment are vital for the service, repair and installation of vital electronic equipment. Workers rely on the safety of electric sources so testing is required to ensure that electric systems are in good condition without any issues that could result in break downs or safety hazards.

The Fluke digital multimeter plays an important role in helping techs perform their duties to maintain and keep systems operating smoothly. This tool takes electrical measurements in volts ohms and amps, and with its digital remote display readout, technicians can take measurements without needing another person in the room. These units are also built to withstand any tough conditions such as water, heat or dirt. 

We think you’ll find the following video from Fluke to be very useful in its demonstration of just how rugged Fluke power multimeters are when out in the field.  It demonstrates how they hold up to heavy duty handling and being dropped in water. When you’re ready to add the Fluke digital multimeter to your testing equipment on hand, give us a call. We have short and long term rental programs to meet your needs at affordable pricing to help you meet your annual budget.