Top Posts about the Relay Test Set

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The relay test set is a vital component to any electrical equipment testing and maintenance schedule. Keeping systems running without any issues saves time and money that can be better used within the business for growth and expansion of services.

Plenty of information about our available relay test sets exists on our website so that customers can find all the needed information to stay up to date on the latest developments and new equipment as it reaches the marketplace. Here are a few posts to give you more information on relay testing:

Relay Test Set Protection – this post discusses several models that can be used for relay simulation tests. 

Spotting Relay Problems with Doble – focuses on how Doble relay testers can easily detect a wide range of relay issues. 

The New Megger SMRT 36 – specific model information about the Megger test equipment for protective relays. Detailed information is available in this post about the benefits of using this particular model for testing. 

For whatever equipment you need, Protec has a rental program to suit your project. We offer several models by Doble, SMC Mentor and Megger. Give us a call to learn more about daily, weekly, monthly or long term plans: 866-352-5550.