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Top Posts about the Megger Meter

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The Megger meter is often found in the toolboxes of techs and engineers worldwide. For test and measurement equipment, it is relied upon by many for its safety and reliability in giving accurate test results. When looking for solutions in electrical equipment testing, education and knowledge is vital to performing well in the field or laboratory. With that in mind, we’ve included some of the top posts on our blog to help you recall just why Megger test equipment may be the right equipment to use for your testing projects.

Megger for Insulation Testing – this August post details why Megger is the choice for insulation resistance testing while outlining two of the newest models released by the manufacturer. Includes helpful demo video of the Megger 515.

Choosing the Right Megger Equipment – blog outlining the different types of test equipment available for rental.

Introducing the Megger DLRO, MOM2 – highlights about the lightweight and portable MOM2 digital low resistance ohmmeter.

We invite you to go through our Protec blog to learn more about our inventory of electrical test equipment, and when you find the testers that are right for you, visit our online catalog. Then jot down the product model number and submit your online inquiry for a quote or give us a call to learn more about our rental program (866) 352-5550.