Top Posts about HV Diagnostics

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Protec is proud to offer electrical test equipment from HV Diagnostics. This Atlanta based company designs and manufactures a broad range of testing equipment including VLF hipot testers, cable fault testing instruments and other diagnostic tools necessary to keeping electrical systems running smoothly. Most of their models serve to provide testing of cables, relays, motors, transformers, generators and switchgear.

We offer equipment from this highly regarded manufacturer through our rental program so that our clients will have peace of mind knowing they can rely on these models to stand up to tough conditions and still perform with accuracy and efficiency. Below we added links to favorite reader posts about HV Diagnostics that we believe our readers will enjoy seeing again.

HV Diagnostics Electrical Test Equipment Rental – this post discusses popular models that our clients regularly use for their testing projects.

Cable Fault Location Part I – post by our resident expert Thomas Sandri outlines everything you ever wanted to know about cable types, needed tests and equipment.

How to Choose a VLF Tester – this article discusses what to look for in VLF testing models.

When you’re ready to take a look at all we have to offer from HV Diagnostics and other fine manufacturers, give us a call at (866) 352-5550.