Top-Notch Electrical Test Equipment from Megger and HV Diagnostics

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Megger meter is famous for its application versatility, accuracy, flexibility, precision, and ease -of-use. The hand-held multimeter has watertight seals at input terminals, seams, and rotary switch to protect it from dirt, dust, and moisture. Cable height meters utilize ultrasonic waves to measure the height of the overhead wires and cables. They emit sound energy which reaches the overhead cables from where it is reflected back to the cable height meters. The time taken in this entire process is measured by the inbuilt microprocessor.

HV Diagnostics is a renowned name in the test equipment field and they are the industry leaders in cable testing. They make equipment for testing generators, cables, relays, motors and transformers. They also provide electrical testing services like cable fault location and cable diagnostics.

The aim of both these company is to provide top quality electrical test equipment at affordable rates. We provide testing products on rent and lease. Our stores have electrical test units like current injection systems, transformer testers, micro-ohmmeters, oil test equipment, and surge arrester testers. The T/3000 transformer tester is a multi-function system and is used for testing various substation equipments. The ACT6-CT Tester is advanced, portable test equipment that is quite user-friendly, durable and light in weight.