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Top 3 Posts about the Secondary Injection Test Kit

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The secondary injection test kit provides users with the means to perform circuit breaker and protective relay testing. By checking these vital components, companies ensure that they are operating effectively and not subject to potential failure, which can be very costly to repair, result in company down time and even possibly risk worker safety.

Our blog offers many informative posts about how to choose a secondary injection test set along with additional data about various test and measurement equipment models we have available through our rental and purchase programs. The following posts are just a few of our reader favorites about this vital electrical test equipment:

Low Voltage Circuit Breaker Testing – written by our resident expert, Thomas Sandri, this article discusses various methods of primary and secondary testing.

Secondary Injection Test for Circuit Breakers – this favorite post reviews the need for circuit breaker testing and the proper equipment to safely conduct these tests.

ABB Kits for Testing Needs – this post suggests various models manufactured by ABB for testing protective devices.

Protec is committed to educating our customers about the value of test and measurement equipment rental and how our program helps save your company money on the expense of cleaning, calibrating and maintaining test equipment. Contact us today to learn more about renting test equipment for your project needs.