To Measure Phase Up to 600VAC Rent the Dranetz PPA-PP1R-115 Adapter

Dranetz PPA-PP1R-115 Phase Power AdapterNow availabe as part the Protec Equipment Resources extensive electrical test and measurement equipment rental inventory, the Dranetz PPA-PP1R-115 Phase Power Adapter allows a user to connect the power supply of a power analyzer to a measurement phase up to 600VAC, eliminating the need for a dedicated 120VAC Outlet.

The adapter is for use on circuits from 90V to 530V RMS.

Dimensions: 4.3″L x 7.1″W x 3.6″D

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Related electrical test equipment available for rent from Protec:

Amprobe DM-III Multitest Power Quality Recorder

• Three phase power quality analyzer
• Measures and records up to 64 parameters, single or three phase 
• Includes phase sequence indicator, ground tester, and 1kV megohmmeter
• Measures True RMS and a broad spectrum of power quality parameters
• Charting and exporting recorded results is simple and convenient
• Readings can be viewed during recording, after recording, or after downloading

Dranetz PowerXplorer PX5 Power Monitor

• Three phase power quality analyzer
• Eight channels, 4 voltage & 4 current 
• Intuitive color touch screen 
• AC/DC applications 
• Samples at 256 samples/cycle 
• Independent voltage & current triggering, cross triggering 
• High-speed sampling and data capture (1 microsecond/channel) 
• Detailed event characterization of RMS variations and transients 
• THD/harmonic spectrum and TID/interharmonics spectrum to the 63rd 
• Captures IEEE 1459 parameters for non-sinusoidal and advanced power systems 

Fluke 1750 Three Phase Power Recorder

• Three phase power quality recorder
• Automatically records every power quality parameter and event, on every cycle – all the time.
• PDA wireless “front panel interface” provides a window into what the instrument is recording
• Fluke’s intuitive power analyzer software allows user to define thresholds after monitoring 
• Set up in minutes with self-identifying current probes and single-lead voltage connections
• Swap channels internally when connections are not correct – no need to reconnect wires
• 1GB of internal storage

This electrical test equipment is available for rent, lease, or purchase from Protec Equipment Resources. We are here to help you with your testing equipment needs.

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