To Calibrate or Not to Calibrate

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Calibration is the process by which a a piece of test equipment is compared to an equal or a better standard. The “standard” is the reference point or the mark you want the test equpment to match. When you calibrate battery testing equipment, high voltage test equipment, power quality analyzers or any other type of test equipment, your purpose is to find out how far that piece of equipment is from the standard.

Calibration of equipment is far more than a mere annoyance required to do good business. If you have out-of-tolerance test equipment, you end up with inaccurate information resulting in unreliable data and increased business costs. That directly impacts not only your bottom line but your competitiveness and success in the marketplace.

When you make the decision to use Protec, your calibration concerns are solved automatically. Your success is our success, so everything about our test equipment rental is geared toward making certain you have the best equipment calibrated to the highest standards.

To calibrate or not to calibrate? Easy. Let Protec do it for you!