Three Tips on Using a Circuit Breaker Test Set

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A circuit breaker test set is an efficient addition to an electrical equipment service package. These models are professionally designed to handle many of your testing capabilities. Once you have the proper modality, it is important to consider these tips when using the equipment.

Ground Trip Function and Contact Resistance

This function can be included in any circuit breaker test set and is recommended to protect the system against faults to the ground. The potential arcing faults require detection in order to maintain accuracy. Also, consider a Vanguard test; a programmable test current to measure circuit breaker contact resistance with safety ground on.

Configuration of Output

The output should be configured appropriately for proper output readings. For example, having the capability for a continuous output of 2000 amperes vs. the standard breaker stabs of 4000 amperes. Insure the switch is set for the correct reading if you select this option. Also, the proper circuit breaker timer can be set for contact response time and timing of relays or other switching function.

High Current Test Sets

These test sets will allow testing on high current applications such as heat runs and ratio transformers. An internal voltage sensor will configure the AC control power section automatically. This must be properly configured for the applied voltage in order to be energized correctly.

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