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Three Phase Relay Diagnostics with the Megger MPRT 8430 Relay Tester

Megger SMRT410 Multi-Phase Relay TesterRelays undergo electrical and mechanical stress during operation. This can result in the premature deterioration of the relay system. It is a good idea to always check if the relays are working properly. Additionally, acceptance testing allows verification of the programmed characteristics of the relay. This lets you correct operational deficiencies or programming errors prior to it becoming an issue.

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One of the testers today on the market is the Megger MPRT8430 Three Phase Protective Relay Test System. This allows you to diagnose problems in three phase relay systems.  It has a static and dynamic testing capability with up to four(4) -phase voltage and current outputs.  Additionally, the voltage outputs are convertible into current outputs resulting in up to eight (8) current channels.  It has a well-lit LCD touch screen that displays the test results and also allows configuring  of manual or semiautomatic testing. The MPRT 8430 can put out 300 Volts RMS at 150 VA and 30 Amperes at 200 VA. This relay test set has an on board battery simulator that can provide voltages of 24, 48, 125 and 250 Volts DC. It also has 10 programmable inputs and six programmable outputs for custom test configurations.

For more robust testing, Megger’s SMRT Series of relay test sets has been engineered to offer a full range of testing solutions built around flexibility and customization. These test sets are ideally suited for testing today’s complex micro-processor relays as well as legacy electro-mechanical relays. The versatility of the SMRT Series is ideal for performing commissioning and periodic maintenance testing to help keep the power on. Designed for accuracy, reliability and power, the SMRT Series delivers a level of assurance unmatched in the relay testing industry.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published April, 2012 and has been updated freshness, accuracy and comprehensiveness.