Three Facts to Consider When Choosing Power Quality Analyzers

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With so many power quality analyzers available today, choosing the one that is right for your company doesn’t have to be confusing. It is best to understand what to look for in a monitor so that you select the right brand and model that will work best for your situation. The most important thing when selecting power testing equipment is to determine what exactly you need. The following 3 factors will help in the selection process.

  • Single or Three Phase – it is important to understand the purpose for your power tester. Do you need single or 3 phase testers? A single phase monitor cannot handle tasks more suited to three phase testing units. While some may say otherwise, a single phase can only operate with balanced loads where there are no issues on the channels.
  • Reading or Recording – will you need to monitor power in real time by taking readings? Or do you need to record results. For servicing equipment, you might only need a metering system; whereas, someone performing diagnostics may need memory and database in order to store results for later analysis.
  • What is Being Monitored – when logs or records are needed, then it is imperative to understand how the analyzer measures. Does it use periodic or cycle by cycle sampling? For rapid cycle loads, periodic is not the best choice.

Fluke power quality systems such as the Fluke 1750 help users find areas of waste in electricity output. By regularly conducting tests on energy and electrical loads, companies will be able to evaluate power demand and discover if equipment is functioning optimally. Whether used for studies about energy consumption or simply to record and analyze individual electrical equipment loads, the Fluke power tester can make all the difference in keeping equipment running without any concern for outage or failure.

Another benefit of the 1750 is its wireless function and PDA style handset that makes it easy for users to setup and control. The tester can operate as a standalone system due to its onboard memory card, which allows for troubleshooting and reviewing of data and test results. It may also be operated from up to 45 feet away thus creating a safe working zone while testing.

Adding this instrument to your testing inventory is as simple as giving us a call at 866.352.5550 to learn more about our short or long term equipment rental programs.