Thorough Relay Diagnostics with the Doble F2253 Relay Test Set

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Relays are designed to withstand high currents and other factors that may deteriorate it. However, after a while of usage, the relay parts break down making them unreliable. It is a good idea to constantly check the condition of your relay system to reduce the hassle of power interruptions and expensive equipment replacement.

One good power system simulator suitable for relay testing is the Doble F2253 relay test set. It can reproduce logic and phasor trigger signals to assess the operation of the relays. It can test for relay response, dynamic/steady-state and transient simulation. It has 3 active sources that provides AC voltage and current sine waves or direct current output. It has a power output rating of 150VA and can be increased up to 450VA with additional modules. This Doble relay tester has an internal multi-mode timer, 2 independent logic inputs and outputs. It also has a GPS satellite synchronization feature that allows you to conduct end-to-end simulations.

Consider getting the F2553 for thorough relay diagnostics. You can rent one from ProtecEquipment Resources. We are a reliable provider of equipment from Doble and other brands. Call us at 1-866-352-5550 to discuss your rental options with a representative.