Things to Know Before Investing in Battery Testing Equipment

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Batteries often fail due to electrolyte contamination or plate breakdown. You can extend the operating life of your batteries if you spot problems early on and address them immediately. It is a good idea to invest in reliable battery test equipment for regular battery maintenance. Here are some articles you can read to give you an idea on battery diagnostics and what models to invest in.

Battery Diagnostics 101
 explains the importance of regular maintenance and the different testing methods conducted on batteries.

The SBS 2002 Hydrometer, A Good Upgrade to Your Current Battery Testing Equipment talks about an advanced hydrometer that can help you save time on measuring specific gravity of electrolytes. It also explains how you can save money on labor costs with this tool.

Megger Battery Testing Equipment is an article about a Megger impedance tester and its testing capabilities. The article also explains why a change in internal impedance indicates deterioration.

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