The VLF-4022CM VLF Hipot Tester from High Voltage

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Very low frequency hipot testers have been the standard in testing cables and other devices. High Voltage Incorporated is one of the leading manufacturers of these testers. It is trusted by many technicians, engineers and electricians because of its superb features and reliability.

VLF hipot test is one of the most popular methods used to test cables with high capacitance. The current needed is lower compared to AC hipot and is much safer on dielectrics. This test provides a pass or fail voltage withstand test. One of the widely used testers is the VLF-4022CM 40 kilo volt tester. It features an output voltage of up to 40 kilo volts which has a variable sine wave frequency of 0.1, 0.5 and 0.02 Hertz. It has a built in voltmeter, current meter and capacitance meter. This tester also comes with a 20 feet shielded RG/8U cable and a 10 feet interconnect cable which allows you to conveniently move around while testing. It is also boasts of portability with its two piece design. 

If you are interested in this VLF hipot tester, you can rent it through Protec Equipment Resources. We also offer several high voltage test equipment for rent. Contact us today for information on more equipment from other notable manufacturers.