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The Versatile HVA30 Offers VLF and DC Hipot Testing in One Tool

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Hipot testing helps engineers diagnose problems in electrical insulation. This test offers a quick way to spot defects by stressing the test sample with a voltage higher than its rating. This helps the engineer determine if the insulator can tolerate voltage deviations which are common in real world operation.

When looking for an efficient hipot tester, you might want to check out the HVA30 from HV Diagnostics. This hipot tester is a VLF hipot and doubles as a DC high potential tester as well. This versatile tool can save you money because you do not need to buy a separate tool. This tester is great for quality control of new cables and testing cables that have been in operation for a while. It has an output test voltage of 30 kiloVolts DC or 30 kiloVolts AC at 0.1 Hertz. It features a fully automatic mode and a manual selection mode to suit your preferences. It displays real-time output signal and is capable of handling test sample with large capacitances of up to 5 microFarads.

Rent the HVA30 and other high voltage test equipment at affordable rates from Protec. We give the best value for your money by providing you with high quality test equipment and excellent support. Contact us for a quick rental quote.