The Versatile High Voltage PTS-75 DC Hipot and Megohmmeter

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If you want to perform DC hipot tests for current leaks and insulation testing, you can now take care of both tasks all in one piece of equipment. With the High Voltage 75kV DC Hipot and Megohmmeter test set, you will no longer have to lug two big units out on the job site. The High Voltage PTS-75 testing instrument is built to offer the ultimate in portability and rugged performance while supplying all you need to conduct high voltage maintenance testing on any electrical apparatus. 

Being able to switch between DC tester and the on board megohmmeter lends to its versatility in use out in the field. Testing cable insulation resistance, switchgear, transformers and generators with accurate results will be quick and easy with this all in one insulation and cable test equipment. 

The DC hipot on the High Voltage equipment is rated for 10 mA and offers a built in regulator to keep the power source stabilized and accurate in its leakage data. Durable meters have 100 uA movements and can stand up to tough conditions in transit to resist breakage. 

If you need a little more voltage, we also have PTS-200 model by High Voltage that offers 200kV of testing power. Both of these DC systems as well as AC hipot testers are available for daily, weekly, monthly or long term rental. Contact us to learn more about our affordable equipment rental services for your business.