The Vanguard ART-01 TTR Test Set

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Problems with the turns ratio of any transformer can cause changes in the cores magnetic flux. This can cause it to heat up and totally fail. A TTR test set helps determine open circuits, short circuits and incorrect connections.

A TTR tester measures several electrical properties of the transformer and compares it with a database of baseline from the manufacturer. Any faults in the transformer will cause a deviation in the baseline data. 

The Vanguard ART-01 TTR test set is a single phase tester powered with advanced microprocessor technology. This tester has a system that automatically recalibrates itself before conducting tests which ensures accurate results. It can measure turns ratios from 0.8 to 15000 or display it in percentage. It has a RS232 port that allows you to interface it with a computer and control it. You can view the test results in its back-lit LCD screen, making it convenient even on dim environments.

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