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The Use of Megger Test Equipment

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Megger test equipment has a reputation of providing excellent performance and accurate results. The insulation tester from Megger is a compact instrument that is portable and easy to use at remote locations. It provides you a continuous reading when you test the insulation resistance in ohms or megohms. To provide good insulation, resistance of the order of megohms is used. Good insulation has high resistance while insulation that is poor has low resistance. Depending on factors such as temperature, the actual values of resistance can vary.

The Megger meter is a resistance meter of high range with a direct current generator that is built into it. This meter has been specially built with voltage and current coils. This allows ohms to be read directly from it. This method of reading is great as it does not cause the insulation to deteriorate or be destroyed. If insulation is not tested on a regular basis, a motor or any equipment becomes unsafe to touch and will also get burn out eventually.

We provide companies with equipment to test their insulation at low rates. Megger rental is a great way to get all your testing done without the extra expense of purchasing the tools and then maintaining them.