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The UltraTEV Plus+ for Partial Discharge Detection

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When you want to assess and compare substation conditions, the UltraTEV Plus+ partial discharge detector or PD detector provides affordable and easy, flexible operation. Early fault detection is vital to maintaining equipment in optimum running condition, and without it, systems will fail. EA Technology’s state of the art sensor provides all you need to test across whole substation systems rapidly all in a handheld device. 

Operators can easily read the LCD screen that supplies reliable data from ultrasonic and numerical readings from a single asset to multiple units over a period of time. With a headphone set to allow users to hear partial discharging as it occurs, the ability to properly survey equipment and detect issues is greatly increased. By ensuring that proper surveying and testing is completed, companies will know that workers are safe around equipment. At the same time data can be stored for comparison at later dates to ensure optimal performance.

When you rent your battery and cable testing equipment from Protec, you can trust that you will receive quality service and reliable electrical test equipment to get the project complete. For more information about our short and long term rental and lease programs, be sure to contact us online by requesting a quote or give us a call on our support line at 866.352.5550.